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Home Remedies for Cleaning

Remember all these things that your Grand mother or Mother use to use These remedies are for cleaning around the house and some old true tried remedies.

These are just some things that have been handed down to me and I wanted to share with you. When in doubt always try on a small unnoticed area.

You can use baking soda to cleaning just about anything. When using it as a cleaner on counters, shower, sinks etc .You may find that after rinsing there could be gritty feeling just rinse again.

When you use baking soda on material .Make a paste let dry then vacuum or brush off.

 You can add baking soda to your whites to brighten

To the cat box for odor and of course to add room as an air cleaner.

Air cleaner ~~ White vinegar and water of equal parts in a small spryer. You can always add an herb or oil for a different fragrances then vinegar. Please read about the oils or herb that going to use. I would recommend lavender.

Blood ~~ peroxide

Crayon marks ~~ On vinyl and linoleum, use a commercial silver cleaner. On woodwork, rub very lightly with a dry, steel wool pads that is soap filled.

Carpet ~~ Grease from cars on your rug.... (even if old) rub with white black board chalk let it set and then vacuum up... its work every time for me! Sent in by Penny

Fabrics ~~To get pen out; spray hairspray directly on the surface and wipe away with warm sudsy water.


Grout ~~Tooth paste will clean grout in tiles in shower or floors.


Gum ~~ To remove gum from clothing put a brown paper bag over the gum then iron over the paper bag works every time - Kate :-)


Jewelry ~~ Tooth paste will clean and shine rings and most jewelry, baking soda

Milk ~~On furniture and rug, rub baking soda on the milk and then vacuum out. The baking soda will stop an odor and prevent it from staining.

Mirrors ~~ Vinegar and water; Whiter vinegar and water equal parts into a spray bottle and spry white with a clean cloth and dry with another. You can use the vinegar full strength for those really dirt bathrooms

Pet urine ~~ Spray ammonia where a cat or dog has peed in your house they won't wet there again. (Penny)You can also make a solution of ammonia and water and wash the area.

I find using baking soda in the cat box keeps the dust down and odor controlled.

Salt ~~makes a great abrasive

Socks ~~To clean white socks; boil them in water with a slice of lemon. Also you can add baking soda to washing machine to brighten the whites.

Silver ~~To clean silver, rub a small amount of toothpaste over the object with a damp cloth, then rinse clean.

        ~~Make a paste of baking soda and water, rub onto the silver, rinse and dry .Remember to sue different clothes for each step along the way.

Vinegar ~~ Can be used as all purpose cleaner around the house. Mix with equal parts of water in a spry bottle and you all set.

Vinegar is another on of those products that you just don’t want to be with out.

Walls ~~This solution works on walls and woodwork.1cup of ammonia,1/4 cup of alcohol cup of vinegar, mix all the above with 1 gallon of warm water.

Windows ~~This solution works on appliances as well. It will not leave a film either.1/4 Cup alcohol, 1tbs (table spoon) of white vinegar, 1tsp (tea spoon) non-sudsy ammonia. Then add enough hot water to equal 1 quart. ~~ vinegar and water just like the mirrors


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